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One of our favorite items to print here at FCI Digital is advance review copies for all our publisher and author friends. It’s not just that we get to have a sneak peek inside the covers of an upcoming delight, which is admittedly rather neat, but these printed promotional publications are becoming more rare and as such more special.

These days many publishers opt to do electronic copies only. Yet an e-book is always somewhat disposable when compared to a beautifully produced, physical object that has been created with love, care and attention. Just take a look at this wonderfully colorful advance reader copy of “The Cyclops Witch and the Heebie-Jeebies” from our friends at Hazy Dell Press!

It’s full of vibrant color, excitement, and energy. Unlike a sales blad, ARC’s are full-length editions of books. And while they are meant mainly for reviewers to write about, I somehow think most of these reviewers will also keep their review copies and read them to their children. This suddenly makes this promotional copy a personal copy to value and cherish and enjoy. And perhaps then pick up another copy of the finished edition to give as a present!

We, with our parent company Four Colour Print Group, also of course print many other books for Hazy Dell. This doesn’t mean we only print advance review copies, but the finished print editions as well. We love being a part of the whole journey of a printed book.

Let us know if you need advance review copies of your next book. We’d love to help you!

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