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Advance Review Copies

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One of our favorite items to print here at FCI Digital is advance review copies for all our publisher and author friends. It's not just that we get to have a sneak peek inside the covers of an upcoming delight, which is admittedly rather neat, but these printed promotional publications are becoming more rare and...

Business and Local Books

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One of the things that makes our work here so enjoyable is learning. It can be learning about the people we work with, or learning about the businesses we work with. It can sometimes be learning about new places. Sometimes, however, it's all three at the same time, as was the case with this delightful...

University Press Books

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Princeton and Duke paperbacks We print a lot of titles for University Presses here at FCI Digital, which is a wonderful opportunity for us. Universities publish an incredible variety of titles each year in a wide variety of genres and styles. Hardcover books, paperbacks and magazines. There are, certainly, many educational and academic books among...

Making the Book Case… not a bookcase.

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https://vimeo.com/309910477 A behind the scenes look at the making of the hardcover book case at FCI Digital. So what is a case? In this case, ahem, it is a hard board cover that works as a case that wraps around the block of pages (a.k.a. "the text block") to protect the book. The case is...

From the Kudos Files

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We love giving the same care and attention to small publishers as we do to big publishers. We offer offset quality digital printing with many custom options you can not get with amazon or other print on demand corporations (for example, take a look at our printable cloth covers!). We work with you. You can...

Printable Cloth Covers

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Did you know you can now print directly on cloth hardbound book covers? It's an affordable solution that creates a classy effect for your publication. When you've spent perhaps years working on your book, it only makes sense to give it any boost you can to make it stand out of the crowd at the...

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